RO Rent A Car

Traveling around the country just got easier with our exceptional car rental services. Visit us and choose a car that suits your needs best. With RO Rent A Car you are sure to always get the most reliable vehicles regardless of the purpose of your trip. We have a number of locations in bigger and smaller towns and you simply cannot miss us.

Among our finest attributes we can list convenience as you can have a one-way rental. Simply take a car from one location and return in any other one of your choosing. Of course we have special deals and reduced prices for roundtrip vehicle rentals. You are also the one to decide on the length of your service. There is no need to renew your rental within 30 days. This means you can have quite the journey with one of our top notch vehicles.

A good car rental service is the one that gives you a lot of options to choose from

Speaking of vehicles we also have an impressive car park. You can have a regular sedan, a convertible or even a mini-van for your whole family. We also have luxury cars for your exquisite taste. The car you’d like to have may have either manual or automatic gearbox. We also have special vehicles with hand controls for handicapped drivers. All of our automobiles are in excellent condition, they are clean and perfectly safe. We regularly inspect them making sure that everything will be in order during your trip. If you are looking for a reliable car rental just call RO Rent A Car.

You can call in advance and book the vehicle you want most. Browse through our options online and after you’ve selected the vehicles you wish to rent, simply call us about it. Our staff will make sure it is absolutely prepared the day you come to take it.

One of the more important additional things you can get from us is insurance. We are a fully licensed company and we will have you covered against damages once you sign our insurance policy. You can also have child safety seats and even GPS tracking. Our frequent customers are entitled to a discount.